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 Turf Simulation Challenge.

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Turf Overlord
Turf Overlord

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PostSubject: Turf Simulation Challenge.   Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:50 pm

"Welcome to the Turf Science Training Simulation."

"We assure your safety, as these are nothing but harmless simulations."

"Mostly harmless anyway."

"Just keep away from sharp, pointy, hot, or bullet shaped objects."

"Because we really haven't worked out the bugs. The Bug Pokemon."


"Please, ignore him. he was dropped in the developmental stages."

"Team Aura will be participating in the beta of the simulation as well, so make sure to come forth if you want the Auraprince's autograph..."

"Ignore him too. Fanboy."

"Ignore his denial of my statement. I am not a fanboy... And I doubt the Overlords will be happy for calling me a 'fanboy'."

“Just be quiet. Please, we’re doing our intro. D-32, if you will.”

"Please remember our regulations set before you, as they are crucial to our research."

"Because if you do not abide by them, you will be forcefully ejected from the simulations. And we do mean forcefully."

“Otherwise, we may be forced to flood your chamber with a deadly neurotoxin.”

"And now, I will be going into the next part of introduction alone...For obvious reasons."

“What’s that supposed to-”

"So please, ignore them and listen to our rules."

"In this challenge, you may only use three Pokémon for battling, while you may keep HM slaves with them, these, however, never battle, understood? When you challenge a gym, store those slaves and enter with the three Pokémon at hand. The rules for capturing Pokémon are simple! You are limited to one ball per wild Pokémon. If it doesn’t click, then you either have to kill it, or run.

You may use a Game Shark or Action Replay (Or PokeSav/Gen, for the more skilled hackers), if you wish, to obtain a Pokémon from outside the region. HOWEVER, the Pokémon must be in its basic (or as basic as the game allows, such as a Mantine in Emerald) form, and must be captured with the same limitations, they must be the same level as local area wild Pokémon.

You may even capture the legendaries of the game you are playing, however, you may not Game Shark a legendary into the game. The ball limit will be increased to twenty balls of any kind. If that limit is maxed out, either kill it, or run. You may save before just in case.

If you lose a battle, its fine, no harm done, as you may re-use any Pokémon you wish. However, in your team, you may not have more than one of the same type Pokémon, even if they are HM slaves.

When you have successfully obtained all eight badges, you may use six Pokémon again in the Pokémon League Challenge (from Victory Road to the Champion). When you have defeated the Champion, you will be listed in our “Successful Experiment” listing, including the team you used."

"Got it memorized?"

"Mochiron... Now, raise your hand if you are coming along!"

"Make sure you signed the waivers. That way, if you die, we don't have to supply you money or get sued."

"When inserted into this realm, you will have fake memories implanted, and you shall not remember much of what has happened before you came into this realm. As you progress, you may feel small migraines and headaches with pictures. Ignore those for now. When you have beaten the 8 gym leaders, your memory shall be returned to you. If you cooperate nicely, you may challenge the Elite 4, and claim an "honorary champion" title."

"And for Pete's sake, don't lose your sanity."

"See you in a few...well....whatever amount of time it takes."

"Also, if you ever hear any voices, it's us. Just don't talk to us out loud.”


"Yes, like those voices."

"And any evil is not real. So calm down."


"The simulations were based on real events. And pain you feel is temporary and not real. We hope."

"Now then, enjoy your adventure, trainer number C-2##..."

"And good luck."

"Not that 'luck' is relevant here."

“It's a pretty well thought out storyline. You have pretty much no free will."

“Which is exactly what we want, because we don’t need any rebels here.”

"Now then, go already! I'm expecting company in a few minutes!"

They see me rollin', they hatin' *bricked*

Yes! I am the same Doubled32 from DA! Click here to visit or click here to visit our DA page.
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Turf Overlord
Turf Overlord

Posts : 166
Join date : 2011-06-29
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PostSubject: Re: Turf Simulation Challenge.   Sat Aug 13, 2011 4:42 pm

Hello, my name is Darius, and I'm going to record my process here as I go.

For as long as I can remember, I've been bored with my life, that didn't change much when I moved to Hoenn with my parents. We arrived in Littleroot Town, which is probably the smallest town in the entire region, seeing as it only had a few houses and one lab. When I got out, I had to set my clock. It was odd, as it was so bright outside, and yet once I looked at the time, the sky seemed to turn to its evening glow. Afterwards, I was sent to the neighbor's house to meet some girl. Her name was May, and she obviously wasn't experienced with boys before, as she made an excuse to make me leave. As I left, I heard cries for help coming from the neighboring route, and the only exit out of town. I thought I heard a voice from beyond telling me to head there, and I was right to, as I was able to save Prof. Birch's life from a rabid Zigzagoon by borrowing his Torchic. This was only the beginning, however.

After that, he decided to give me that Torchic as a thank you gift. I was happy for once in a long time. I decided to name him Kasai, after the Japanese word for fire, and we seemed to bond. It was odd, it seemed that everything until now was an illusion, like it had never happened, yet this seemed to be too real as well. Birch then prodded me on to go challenge his daughter, May, in route 103. I proceeded, with Kasai defeating whatever came my way. I finally managed to meet May, who challenged me before I could say anything. It was rough, as Kasai was still young, he only knew a few moves. However, we won the battle on our first try, as though it was second nature to us. May then escorted us back home, where her dad gave me a Pokedex and some Pokeballs, as I was to embark on a grand adventure! As I left, my mother gave me some special shoes that seemed to make me faster, even faster than before. With Kasai at hand, I managed to capture a Trapinch, which was named Leo, and a Squirtle, which I named Hierro. I'm still confused as to how two creatures like that even got here. But anyway, I proceeded to Petalburg city to meet my father, catching a Poochyena, Zigzagoon, Wurmple, and Ralts along the way, as well as defeating everyone along that route with my three Pokemon.

I got to the gym, and my father, Norman, was impressed with me. As he congradulated me, a young man with asthma, I believe he said his name was Wally, came to my father so he could capture a Pokemon before he moved. Since my dad saw how many Pokemon I captured in the short amount of time, he asked me to go in his stead, lending Wally a Zigzagoon to battle with. I took him back to the previous route, where he managed to capture a Ralts under my supervision. After returning to Dad's gym, I was about to leave town when a man with shades and a Hawaiian shirt approached me. He knew I was still a new trainer, as my clothes weren't dirty. Then I noticed, these clothes weren't familiar to me. I looked at the reflection in the water and saw my face and what I assumed was a hat. It just didn't seem familiar, even though I always had this face. I shrugged and continued to the next route, all while feeling as if I was being watched.


Battlers only as of the moment:

1. Kasai

level 10, male

Torchic, Bold, (Ember, Scratch, Focus Energy, Growl).

2. Leo

Level 9, male

Trapinch, Careful, (Bite, Sand Attack).

3. Hierro

Level 9, male

Squirtle, Brave, (Bubble, Tackle, Tail Whip).

They see me rollin', they hatin' *bricked*

Yes! I am the same Doubled32 from DA! Click here to visit or click here to visit our DA page.
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Turf Simulation Challenge.
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