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 Blisk's Short Stories, Poems, and Other Stuff~

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Blisk's Short Stories, Poems, and Other Stuff~ Empty
PostSubject: Blisk's Short Stories, Poems, and Other Stuff~   Blisk's Short Stories, Poems, and Other Stuff~ EmptyThu Sep 22, 2011 12:06 am

Thought that this would be another outlet for me to post my stuff. Read it if you wish. Also, there may be errors in formatting due to me having to change it every time I post. I write using a real format, so the blank line between paragraphs that's common on forums may not be where it should be. Just saying I might miss something.

(Horizontal Rule doesn't work as it's supposed to on this forum.)


Through the Smoke

A heavy black smoke mingled with the foggy air as the motorized carriage took me to a rundown bar owned by an acquaintance of mine, Lily's Shack. The machine was on its last leg of life. It croaked along the track at a mere ten miles per hour. I stepped off the moving rusted beast as we approached my destination.

"Hey! Wait until I stop. You could hurt yourself!" shouted the driver as he pulled ahead of where I stood. The gears on the wheels slowed down, never coming to a complete stop due to wear. Ignoring the incompetent fool, I entered through the bronze double doors of the Shack.

The moonlight glanced off of the aluminum tables, blinding those who looked upon my entrance. The counter's seats were filled with drunken patrons singing a merry tune. They drew breaths from their pipes between each line. Their white shirts were unbuttoned and hanging in odd ways around their middles.

As the doors swung shut behind me, visibility decreased. Without the moon, only the candles placed on each table provided any light. They emitted a dim glow. It was just enough light to make out faces.

"Kyle! How you doin' today?" Lily Waters inquired in her southern accent as I approached the counter. She seemed a bit overwhelmed, pouring three shots at once. Her sweaty face gleamed in the dim light. Her navy Victorian dress was ruffled, hiding some of the stains from spilled drinks and vomit.

"I'm doing well, thank you," I replied, sitting down on a hard metal stool away from the others. I sat as far as I could from the patrons while keeping the barmaid in earshot. The others ignored me. Drinks were the drunks' only thought right now. Well, those blasted pipes had a hold on their thoughts as well.

"I am in need of a favor, Lil. I have a job out of town in Springs," I began to explain. She listened intently while still pouring drinks. "It's down south about twenty miles. Springs is not known for its warm welcomes. To be frank, it's quite dangerous. I need to borrow the 'item'." I gave her a knowing look.

"'Bout ten minutes. That's when I close up shop. We can talk then," she said, pointing to the rusted clock. Gears turned in time to a ticking, releasing a puff of steam as each minute passed.
"Give me a water to sip while I wait, Lil."

She reached below the counter with her free hand, juggling a couple shot glasses. Her hand reappeared a few seconds later with a dusty bottle of Daphina spring water. She rolled it down the counter. I received it with a bow of my head in thanks.

Purging its surface from dust, I swallowed a few gulps of the clear water. Pure water was a delicacy, as our machines have tainted all s11ources of it. The bottle in my hand was a token of goodwill from Lily due to its rarity. I of all people was worthy of such a gift. I have gotten her out of some trouble.

Twenty minutes passed before Lily finally got her "loyal customers" out of the Shack. When we were finally alone, we both went into the kitchen to talk while she finished up with the dishes.

"Remind me, hon, why you need it again?" she asked.

"In short, Lil, Springs is a dangerous place and I might need to defend myself. Satisfied?" I asked, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Well fine," she glanced at me in the same tone. Lily put down the beer glass she was drying and walked over to the refrigerator. She reached up and pulled a long slender box from the top of the appliance.

Lil returned and handed it to me. I took the box and removed what it contained. A narrow blade rested in my hands. The copper finish shined in the candlelight.

"You better return it soon. It's a precious to me." Lil looked at me with large eyes.

"Of course I will," I scoffed. "Don't forget, I'm the only reason you still have this thing. Defending you and your measly business are necessary with all the drunks in here every night. The town's worst pieces of slime come here nightly to pollute their lungs as they drown in that swill you call whiskey."

"I'm sorry. I know you'll bring it back," she said, looking away. "I shan't doubt you again, Kyle."

"Now that I have this, I shall be heading out. Good night, Lil," I spun on my heel and headed toward the exit.

"Wait, Kyle. Ain't it a bit late ta leave?" Lil replied, rushing after me like an abandoned dog. Catching up to me, "You should probably just stay the night. You never know who's out yonder. Look at who just left. Them maniacs are probably out there causing a ruckus," she pleaded with me.

She must be lonely. "Fine," I let out with a sigh. "I'm leaving at dawn. That's final. Now, why don't you show me to my room?"

I followed her past the kitchen into the two bedroom apartment. I walked into one of the bedrooms and muttered thanks. I promptly closed the door, quickly killing the candle. I collapsed into the bed, hearing Lil say good night. I was out in seconds.

The aroma of bacon and grease awoke me. I stared at the clock until it came into focus. I overslept. I leaped out of bed and looked out the dirty window. The morning fog washed over the town. The distant factories pumped their smoke into the air as work began. I missed my chance to get out before the toxic gas filled my lungs. I quickly walked past Lil, cooking the early meal.

"Don't you want breakfast?" she asked expectantly.

"No time, Lily. I have to get a move on." As I was about to exit, I remembered the blade still in the bedroom I slept in. I jogged back, furious at myself for wasting time. Grabbing the box, I attempted to take my leave.

Before I could leave the putrid establishment, Lil said, "When will you be back?"

"I'm not sure. It depends on how long this job takes," I replied hastily. I made an attempt to leave once more.


"Yes?" I tried to say calmly as my frustration peaked.

"Be careful, all right? I need you come back," she said under her breath, sadness in her voice.

"I will. Don't worry. I'll see you soon." I said reassuringly. I may be short with her sometimes, but she was the closest thing I had to a friend. "Just don't let too many drunks in while I'm gone."

I turned back toward the double doors and exited the bar. Fog and pollution filled the air, blocking the sun. I walked down the cobblestone street through the smoke, attempting to persuade a carriage to provide me passage to Springs.

You can see me in other places like Twitter, Backloggery, or deviantART
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Turf Overlord
Turf Overlord

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Blisk's Short Stories, Poems, and Other Stuff~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blisk's Short Stories, Poems, and Other Stuff~   Blisk's Short Stories, Poems, and Other Stuff~ EmptyThu Sep 22, 2011 3:08 pm

I've told you on DA, but I like how it gives me a western feel to it~

They see me rollin', they hatin' *bricked*

Yes! I am the same Doubled32 from DA! Click here to visit or click here to visit our DA page.
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Blisk's Short Stories, Poems, and Other Stuff~
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