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 After The Epidemic- The Story Of Nio and Levi

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After The Epidemic- The Story Of Nio and Levi Empty
PostSubject: After The Epidemic- The Story Of Nio and Levi   After The Epidemic- The Story Of Nio and Levi EmptyTue Aug 23, 2011 2:57 pm

So, yeah. I've decided to get a fanfic up. I eloborated on it on Skype two days ago, and Kera liked it, so I've decided to give it a shot. I'll give this baby as much love as I can, but I'm going to be quite busy in the future so updates won't exactly be weekly.

Without further ado;


The first birdsong of the day awoke him.

It had been a cold and strangely dark night, longer then most he had been trough, although he had witnessed more of them- Levi had been told it happened because of the ashes of the townships’ steam engines, blowing over land when the wind was in a certain direction.

He stretched for a bit, making sure to hold on to the wrist-thick branch near the left of his head; He had spent the night on a high-up branch in what looked like a tree that had survived for centuries, more than able to support his weight and that of Nio.

Nio blinked in the sudden sunlight, and stretched out his front paws as well, with a bit more elegance then Levi, as usual. Nio was a a half canine, half feline creature with a flawless, snow-white fur, dark leathery skin, scimitar-like tail, sole crescent-shaped horn and sharp claws. The noises he made ranged from a bark-like sound, growling and saying what apparently every member of his species said- ‘’Absol’’.

Sleeping in a tree was not something they did often, but only the night before they had nearly evaded an encounter with some Crimson Faction hunters. They had managed to hide in the shade for long enough to not be noticed. Just in case the hunter would return, Levi had decided they would spend the next night up on a branch; There, they’d be harder to spot from the ground. That said, Nio’s glistening fur was a bit hard to miss in the dark. Luckily, they had not encountered the Hunters- Or any other human being- afterwards.

They initiated their normal morning routine; Levi took out a slab of meat wrapped in rags and threw it to Nio, who caught it in mid-air and basically swallowed it whole. Nio was an excellent hunter, and he was the main supplier of meat in their friendship, where Levi took care of seeds, plants, and on some occasions, fruit.

Levi stuffed the rags back into his pouch. They had been absorbing some of the fat from the meat during the night, and would make an excellent fire-starting fuel. Surviving was all about creativity; Levi had learned that a long time ago.

He had gathered more then enough seeds, nuts and the like to keep him going for some time while travelling. They were out of meat, though, so he would send Nio off to hunt down a Pidgey or the like and then they would get going… To a destination that promised a new hope and chance to everyone; Lilycove.


This was originally meant to be the start of the first chapter, but then I ran out of time. More to come soon, hopefully ^^

Constructive criticism welcome!
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After The Epidemic- The Story Of Nio and Levi Empty
PostSubject: Re: After The Epidemic- The Story Of Nio and Levi   After The Epidemic- The Story Of Nio and Levi EmptyWed Aug 31, 2011 2:46 pm

I really like the description you put into the story :3 Although I do wish it was a bit longer, hopefully I can read a chapter soonish? :3

As far as critique, maybe more detail about what Levi looks like? But other than that its good :3

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After The Epidemic- The Story Of Nio and Levi
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