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 The Chatlog Topic!

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Troll Brigade
Troll Brigade

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PostSubject: Re: The Chatlog Topic!   Thu Sep 22, 2011 9:16 pm

[7:57:42 PM] Ace: I WIN.
[7:58:04 PM] SharpenedShield: not 'mr. kite' or 'number 9' trippy
[7:58:10 PM] SharpenedShield: win?
[7:58:17 PM] SharpenedShield: win what?
[7:59:05 PM] The Doubled~: THE GAME
[7:59:10 PM] The Doubled~: The Doubled~ is shot
[7:59:31 PM] SharpenedShield: i already won the game~
[7:59:45 PM] Kera: You can't.
[7:59:53 PM] Ace: Shiz.
[7:59:53 PM] Kera: it's impossible to win the Game
[7:59:54 PM] Ace: Lost.
[7:59:58 PM] SharpenedShield: and yet, i did
[8:00:12 PM] Kera: Ya can't.
[8:00:15 PM] Kera: End of story
[8:03:18 PM] SharpenedShield: 'It is impossible to win most versions of The Game'
Straight from wikipedia. Not a reliable source, but still...
[8:03:27 PM] SharpenedShield: search it
[8:03:36 PM] SharpenedShield: or even better...
[8:03:43 PM] Kera: It's Wikipedia.
[8:03:48 PM] SharpenedShield: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Game_%28mind_game%29
[8:03:49 PM] Kera: Anyone can edit it.
[8:04:00 PM] SharpenedShield: really?
[8:04:02 PM] Kera: yes.
[8:04:12 PM] Kera: I can edit it. Ace can edit it. You can edit it.
[8:04:14 PM] Ace: Done.
[8:04:21 PM] Kera: Even Doubled can edit it, adn that's saying something.
[8:04:23 PM] Ace: XD
[8:04:33 PM] The Doubled~: ya XD Tosh.0 got into some serious trouble on-

HEY >:0
[8:04:47 PM] SharpenedShield: how do i edit it?
[8:04:52 PM] Kera: ...
[8:04:55 PM] The Doubled~: I wouldn't Razz
[8:04:55 PM] Kera: [sigh]
[8:05:00 PM] Kera: Figure it out.
[8:05:13 PM] SharpenedShield: im not. i just want to know
[8:05:39 PM] Kera: You have to create an account
[8:05:47 PM] Kera: There's usually an edit buttton
[8:05:48 PM] SharpenedShield: oh. dang
[8:05:56 PM] SharpenedShield: not for me
[8:06:36 PM] Maekir Vilemist: It IS editable...
[8:06:41 PM] Kera: it is.
[8:06:43 PM] The Doubled~: ja
[8:06:51 PM] Maekir Vilemist: But they have a credibility team...
[8:06:59 PM] Kera: Da, they do.
[8:07:16 PM] Maekir Vilemist: So the info is 97% credible
[8:07:24 PM] The Doubled~: Yeah....again, Tosh.0 got into serious trouble for telling thier viewers to edit whatever they wanted on thier pages.
[8:07:32 PM] SharpenedShield: case closed yet?
[8:07:41 PM] Maekir Vilemist: ...
[8:07:51 PM] The Doubled~: Whatcha mean?
[8:08:09 PM] SharpenedShield: kera denies that i won the game...
[8:08:17 PM] Kera: YOU DIDN'T
[8:08:20 PM] The Doubled~: Ohhhhhh
[8:08:25 PM] The Doubled~: nah, you didn't.
[8:08:31 PM] Kera: case closed, burned, buried and thrown in a well.
[8:08:39 PM] SharpenedShield: -,-
[8:08:44 PM] The Doubled~: The game pretends to let you win, then it stabs you in the back.
[8:08:49 PM] The Doubled~: It shot me twice.
[8:09:13 PM] The Doubled~: Then drugged me.
[8:09:21 PM] The Doubled~: Then shot me again
[8:09:23 PM] SharpenedShield: O(llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
[8:09:29 PM] SharpenedShield: lazer ^
[8:09:40 PM] The Doubled~: XD
[8:09:53 PM | Edited 8:10:09 PM] Kera: O=)lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll>
[8:09:57 PM] Kera: Sword.
[8:10:04 PM] Ace: These all look very wrong.
[8:10:06 PM] SharpenedShield: lazer wins
[8:10:14 PM] Kera: Sword is longer.
[8:10:29 PM] Ace: Comparing lengths again, eh, boys?
[8:10:34 PM] Kera: Again?
[8:10:36 PM] The Doubled~: XD
[8:10:39 PM] Kera: We never did to begin with.
[8:10:42 PM] Ace: Mmmhm.
[8:10:44 PM] Kera: But we can!
[8:10:46 PM] Ace: Suuureee.
[8:10:48 PM] Ace: PFFFT
[8:10:53 PM] Kera: I always win.
[8:10:53 PM] Ace: My God...
[8:10:55 PM] The Doubled~: That's okay~
[8:10:57 PM] Ace: I can't stop laughing
[8:11:00 PM] SharpenedShield: lazer is far-ranged. sword isnt
[8:11:03 PM] The Doubled~: I'lll just stay out Razz
[8:11:13 PM] Kera: Sowrd is sharp and painful.
[8:11:16 PM] Kera: And bloody
[8:11:20 PM] Kera: COVERED IN BLOOD
[8:11:24 PM] SharpenedShield: lazer is insta-kill
[8:11:32 PM] Ace: Stop, stop, my sides can't take this anymore!!
[8:11:41 PM] Kera: Sword makes it more painful by drawing out the deth and making them suffer
[8:11:46 PM] SharpenedShield: and reusable
[8:11:53 PM] Kera: Sword is reusable too.
[8:12:03 PM] SharpenedShield: but it gets worn
[8:12:08 PM] SharpenedShield: from use
[8:12:17 PM] The Doubled~: You guys can compare your weapons, I'll just stay out of this~
[8:12:21 PM] Kera: Not if you sharpen it.
[8:12:28 PM] Kera: [8:10 PM] Ace:

<<< These all look very wrong.
[8:12:29 PM] Ace: Pftchcht...
[8:12:35 PM | Edited 8:12:43 PM] Kera: That they do, Ace.
[8:12:48 PM] SharpenedShield: was?
[8:12:52 PM] SharpenedShield: or is?
[8:12:53 PM] Ace: I'm dying in laughter.
[8:13:14 PM | Removed 8:13:17 PM] The Doubled~: This message has been removed.
[8:13:14 PM] SharpenedShield: lazer kills millions in one go
[8:13:16 PM] Maekir Vilemist: ...
[8:13:21 PM] The Doubled~: nothing~
[8:13:23 PM] Kera: HA!
[8:13:24 PM] SharpenedShield: !DOUBLED!
[8:13:26 PM] Ace: Ace sighs
[8:13:26 PM | Removed 8:13:29 PM] Kera: This message has been removed.
[8:13:29 PM] Ace: O_O
[8:13:30 PM] SharpenedShield: !
[8:13:32 PM] Ace: KERA
[8:13:34 PM] The Doubled~: ._.
[8:13:35 PM] Ace: YOU PERV.
[8:13:36 PM] Kera: I MEAN PUPPIES
[8:13:41 PM] SharpenedShield: NO
[8:13:43 PM] Kera: YES
[8:13:45 PM] Kera: PUPPIES
[8:13:50 PM] SharpenedShield: LAZER
[8:13:53 PM] Kera: SWORD
[8:13:57 PM] The Doubled~: 42
[8:14:01 PM] SharpenedShield: 25
[8:14:04 PM] Kera: SWORD SWORD - DOUBLED!!
[8:14:09 PM] The Doubled~: ._.
[8:14:11 PM] The Doubled~: wat?
[8:14:12 PM] Kera: Doubled is dead!
[8:14:18 PM] SharpenedShield: 4 8 15 16 23 42
[8:14:20 PM] Kera: Kera slits his neck
[8:14:25 PM] Ace: Tee hee... Swords.
[8:14:30 PM] The Doubled~: The Doubled~ has no neck Razz
[8:14:34 PM] Kera: Oksy
[8:14:36 PM] Ace: O_O
[8:14:38 PM] Kera: Let's stop
[8:14:39 PM] Ace: YOU HAVE NO NECK?!
[8:14:48 PM | Edited 8:14:52 PM] Ace: HOW DO YOU BREATHE?!

And suddenly, Beatles.

[8:15:47 PM] Kera: ALL YOU NEED IS LUNGS

And drugs.

[8:17:23 PM] Kera: GET IT?
[8:17:36 PM] SharpenedShield: LSD with dialga?
[8:17:44 PM] Kera: DIAMONDS= DIALGA
[8:17:44 PM] SharpenedShield: trippy
[8:17:52 PM] SharpenedShield: hahahahahahaha no
[8:17:54 PM] Kera: AND DIALGA.
[8:18:04 PM] Kera: LUCY IN THE SKY WITH- aw fuck it.


Oh, Evanna! The time is nice to see Evanna!
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Drakkon Whitestream
Turf Overlord
Turf Overlord
Drakkon Whitestream

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PostSubject: Re: The Chatlog Topic!   Thu Dec 22, 2011 11:11 pm

[7:07:28 PM] Doubled32: Gimme a sex.
[7:07:38 PM] Doubled32: .......sec.
[7:07:57 PM] Kera: Kera halts in removing his clothes
[7:07:58 PM] Kera: Awww.
[7:11:03 PM] Doubled32: Oh the hilarity of autocorrect.
[7:12:47 PM] James (Umbrelou): Now I feel like I should be careful what I say when Kera's around. o3o
[7:12:59 PM] Karmine (Maekir/Drakkon/Blake-kun): Yes. You should.
[7:13:04 PM] James (Umbrelou): ...
[7:13:17 PM] Karmine (Maekir/Drakkon/Blake-kun): Especially when it involves sex.
[7:13:31 PM] James (Umbrelou): . . .
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Troll Brigade
Troll Brigade

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PostSubject: Re: The Chatlog Topic!   Tue Jan 17, 2012 5:53 pm

[3:51:34 PM] Kera: LET'S COPULATE
[3:51:38 PM] Acerdoodle: No, Kera~!
[3:51:40 PM] Acerdoodle: We musn't!
[3:51:42 PM] Acerdoodle: Acerdoodle flails
[3:51:58 PM] Kera: ....
[3:52:02 PM] Kera: *cooperate
[3:52:08 PM] Acerdoodle: Hahahah!

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Drakkon Whitestream
Turf Overlord
Turf Overlord
Drakkon Whitestream

Posts : 203
Join date : 2011-06-29
Age : 23
Location : Team Aura Estate, Trainer Turf

PostSubject: Re: The Chatlog Topic!   Tue Feb 07, 2012 9:49 pm

[5:46:34 PM] Kera: Badass?
[5:46:41 PM] Kera: Please, Ace does not sweat.
[5:46:44 PM] Kera: Badrumpus.
[5:46:50 PM] Kera: *swear
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PostSubject: Re: The Chatlog Topic!   

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The Chatlog Topic!
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