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 Forum Rules! *dun dun dun*

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Forum Rules! *dun dun dun* Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules! *dun dun dun*   Forum Rules! *dun dun dun* EmptyWed Jun 29, 2011 7:34 pm

Okay, staying here shouldn't be too hard, just follow the rules and you should be safe.

1. No spamming. If you don't know what that means, then don't spam our topics with ads or random crap. Also, please don't abuse smilies, or God will hate you Smile. And, except in certain circumstances, DO NOT DOUBLE POST OR BUMP/NECROPOST!

Example of spam:

OMGSEJSJNJ!!!!! JUSTIN BEIBER ONS AISLE 12!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!one Very Happy Smile Sad Surprised Shocked Laughing Mad Razz Embarassed Crying or Very sad Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil


New Apple ipods only 19.99! click here!

Now, that should be self explanatory. Just report these guys if you see them.

2. Please do not criticize others for conflicting with your personal opinion. Unless they are just plain wrong, in which case you should let us know, just keep it to yourself. We want to get along here Smile

3. If you want to have an art thread, please, by all means go ahead. However, do not post anything that isn't yours, at least without the author's permission. If we find out that you allegedly stole from someone else, then we will skip the warning and ban you.

4. Please, for the love of God, use complete sentences in topics that require discussion. For things that are small talk, then its okay. Even so, we need more than five words for a simple post. Okay? good.

5. Unless stated otherwise, do not pester our artists or writers to make you a sprite/pass or to include them in a story. That is soooo annoying, trust me, I get it all the time. The only exception is if the writer/artist asks for such...

6. As for pictures, when we open a topic involving personal pictures, please use the common sense to not post any nude pictures. not everyone on here is of that age, and parents might also be watching. which brings me to my next rule.

7. Watch yo' mouth! To an extent anyway. Some profanity will be allowed, such as hell or damn, but if you hear it bleeped on television, then do not say it on here. That includes the F word, and several others. If you accidentally do, then please correct it. We're all human, so as long as you fix this minor error, then it shouldn't be a problem, however if you just put up a post containing nothing but profanity and the what not, then we will delete the post and ban you.

8. No multiple accounts. If you wish to RP, then you can just make do with your one account. Do not make multiple accounts just to agree with yourself or one for each OC so you can be a schizo. Do you know how conceded that sounds? Very.

9. Religion. Please do not bring religion into a topic, or insult those who believe in a certain faith. It doesn't matter if you are pointing out good or bad things, just do not mention religions, period, as they can make for uncomfortable situations to others.

10. Sexuality. Do not say words like "gay" in an offensive manner or make a joke at a person for thier sexual preferences. Saying something is gay can hurt people's feelings, and please do not say the word "fag" for any reason. This is an extremely hurtful term. And if you do it, Drakkon will PERSONALLY hunt you down, if you haven't been squashed already by Kera's hammer.

11. All new members on this forum or on the Skype chat must read the rules. Drakkon or I will personally test you if I believe you are violating a rule, or if I believe you haven't read these rules.

12. Anybody that violates rules for a length of time shall be "judged by a jury of peers". Or, in other words, the Brigade shall take a vote of whether the violator will receive a second chance or not. If the votes say to ban you or remove you from the chat, the decision is final, and all votes are equal. If you get a second chance, then consider it your last, as if you mess up again, we will ban you without hesitation. The voting will only be used for situations in which the violator has crossed a major line or has gone well beyond the three strikes permitted.

13. Follow the rules here and in other topics as well. This will not be the only set of rules, as we will also have some available for topics like story writing and art topics.

That should be it for my part. If anything else needs to be added, then please feel free to do so. We should all get along as long as everyone uses a little common sense.....you know, that thing that's not so common? Anyway, just be good and we should get along just fine. (Rules 10-12 were added 12/7 due to an minor incident on 12/6)
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Forum Rules! *dun dun dun*
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