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 Request thread for everyone

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Turf Overlord
Turf Overlord

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PostSubject: Request thread for everyone   Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:46 pm

Okay, since we'll have so many requests, let's not bombard one artist to do it. Instead, we'll start a request thread.

It's simple. Say, somebody wants a sprite.

Bob45: I want a Scout sprite!

One of our spriters will offer to take it and do it.

Tun/Indie/Kera/Doubled/random spriter: I'll take it!

And when your request is done, the spriters may post it in their threads and/or here. Sort of like a fast food restaurant, but for sprites!

Now, please be specific about what you want.

description (and a good description please, pictures are helpful too. Don't just go "I want a guy with red hair", as that could be anything.)

Trainer Card: (if you want them to use a sprite you have, please provide one for them)
Type of windows
(specify whether you want a pass or a regular card)
Team: (state male or female and whether its shiny or not)

That should do it. If you want a specific person to do it, then you may go to their thread. Please remember the 1 request per person rule and only three at a time, unless someone has stated they will take the request.

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Turf Overlord
Turf Overlord

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PostSubject: Re: Request thread for everyone   Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:01 pm

Can someone make a trainer sprite from this? (Redirected to Tun's Shop)

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Request thread for everyone
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